Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Elmo Purse

Who loves Elmo? Everybody. And my daughter too, of course. Two days ago she bought from yardsell a big Elmo. Now she sleeps with him. Then, two or three days she watched some little movies with Elmo. I borrowed from library a DVD with Elmo at the doctor's office; she liked very much this DVD because she loves Elmo and she loves doctors too. So, she asked me to make a purse with Elmo. I wanted to design in other way, but she didn't let me. She was very decided to be like in the picture.
The purse is made from felt; it  has velcro closure and a short handle. It's yellow because Elmo has a  red face and the contrast is good.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Angelina ballerina's Purse -

Custom order. My daughter's order: Angelina Ballerina's purse. Because she loves Angelina. Three months ago, after she watched Angelina Ballerina over and over, 20 times a day, she decided to learn ballet. So, we bought ballet shoes, a nice and pink dress and looked for a class. Now she is so excited about ballet class, that after each class she dances around the house and she is "ballet teacher" for some imaginary friends. She is very serious and practices every day with her ballet shoes. We borrow from library books with ballet and we studied some movements and positions. In this case, a purse with Angelina ballerina couln't miss. I made it from felt. It has short handle. It's realy nice. And my daughter loves it.

 If you like it, spread the word. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cherries purse

Someone asked me to make a cherries purse. And I made it. From felt and some beads. With two little cherries.

Owl book cover

My 11 years daughter asked me to make her a book cover. She likes the owls (you know, from Harry Potter) and I decided to sew an owl on the...