Saturday, June 28, 2014

Music felt board - PDF pattern

Start teaching your kids music with a little game. It's easier for kids to learn something if they can manipulate and feel some items. For this reason I made a felt board with detachable note, with a treble clef and staff.

Activities to make with kids:
1. Talk about music notions: the staff, the treble clef, the notes.
2. Explain how to put the notes: on the lines or between the lines.
3. Count the notes.
4. Sort them by colors. 
5. Invent a song about a bird.
6. Play with detachable pieces: the bird, the sun, the clouds. 

If you want to buy a finished product, a felt board with all its pieces, click HERE - Music board

If you want to make your own music board, use my PDF pattern and click Here - PDF pattern for music board

Let's sing.

Felt Heart Lavender Sachet - How To

I made this sachet to give it as a gift to a customer. It'a a great and easy project for Mother's Day or just as a simple present for someone.

Materials you need: felt, needle and thread, beads, polyfill, aida, lavender seeds, ribbon, scissors. 

How to make it:
Cut 2 pieces heart shaped felt (size as you desire).

Sew some beads if you want.

Make a sachet - Use aida and make a pocket.

Fill it with lavender.

Sew it to finish.

Use a ribbon to make a hanger.

Fill the heart with polyfill and put the sachet inside.

Sew the heart around and sew the ribbon.



Sunday, June 15, 2014

Frozen pieces

I made these pieces for a banner. For a girl who loves Frozen movie. I used colorful felt in assorted colors: dark and light blue, 2 kinds of purple, magenta, white.

Each piece is almost 5.09 inches (15 cm) in height. Because they are thin, I sew them on another piece of felt - a snowflake.

I used some beads for Elsa's dress. The snowflakes are filled with polyester.


Owl book cover

My 11 years daughter asked me to make her a book cover. She likes the owls (you know, from Harry Potter) and I decided to sew an owl on the...