Saturday, June 28, 2014

Music felt board - PDF pattern

Start teaching your kids music with a little game. It's easier for kids to learn something if they can manipulate and feel some items. For this reason I made a felt board with detachable note, with a treble clef and staff.

Activities to make with kids:
1. Talk about music notions: the staff, the treble clef, the notes.
2. Explain how to put the notes: on the lines or between the lines.
3. Count the notes.
4. Sort them by colors. 
5. Invent a song about a bird.
6. Play with detachable pieces: the bird, the sun, the clouds. 

If you want to buy a finished product, a felt board with all its pieces, click HERE - Music board

If you want to make your own music board, use my PDF pattern and click Here - PDF pattern for music board

Let's sing.

Felt Heart Lavender Sachet - How To

I made this sachet to give it as a gift to a customer. It'a a great and easy project for Mother's Day or just as a simple present for someone.

Materials you need: felt, needle and thread, beads, polyfill, aida, lavender seeds, ribbon, scissors. 

How to make it:
Cut 2 pieces heart shaped felt (size as you desire).

Sew some beads if you want.

Make a sachet - Use aida and make a pocket.

Fill it with lavender.

Sew it to finish.

Use a ribbon to make a hanger.

Fill the heart with polyfill and put the sachet inside.

Sew the heart around and sew the ribbon.



Sunday, June 15, 2014

Frozen pieces

I made these pieces for a banner. For a girl who loves Frozen movie. I used colorful felt in assorted colors: dark and light blue, 2 kinds of purple, magenta, white.

Each piece is almost 5.09 inches (15 cm) in height. Because they are thin, I sew them on another piece of felt - a snowflake.

I used some beads for Elsa's dress. The snowflakes are filled with polyester.


How to make felt pizza

All kids love pizza. Let's make one from felt. It will be an educational toy for them. Using this felt pizza you can do many activities...