Friday, July 13, 2012

Little Black Crochet Hat and 5 decorations

One little black crochet hat and many possibilities to decorate it. What is your idea?

Start with a .... black crochet beanie.

Add 2 circles to be ears and a red bow - you have a Minnie Mouse Hat.

Take off the ears and move the bow- you have a black hat with a red bow.

Insert an orange ribbon. Ready for Halloween? Already?

Or just 3 mini red bows in front.

Make a Black Angry Bird Hat for a boy - yellow beak, red eyebrows, white and grey eyes with a black spot and a black bob with yellow on top.  

Friday, July 6, 2012

How to add text to your item

I use to add lyrics to my felt board. I print the text on a special paper (you can buy it from like I did or from other supplier) and then I use the iron to transfer the writing on the felt. You can transfer in this way a text or pictures. If you go online on Avery, you'll find some templates and texts.

You need: special paper for printing, felt or a T-shirt or something else where you want to appear your text / picture, and an iron.

In Word:
-type the text 
-choose the size paper to be Hagaki card or Japanese Postcard (100 x 148 mm) if you want to print a small piece (like a normal Thank you card for example) not the whole sheet of paper
-for the first time use a normal paper to print the text and to check if everything is OK
-then insert the special paper, but first set your printer: go in Printer Properties, choose Finishig tab, mark Mirror Image - in this way your text will appear inverted; then print it. 

Place your special paper on the felt up side down.

Set your iron - no steam and then press on the paper for 40 seconds.

Peel the paper. The text will appear on the felt.

Cut and sew the text.


Enjoy it.

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