Sunday, July 23, 2017

Crochet toys from scratches

I have some unused yarn. Not a lot, but some colors that I can't fit anywhere and some thread that I can not use for a big project. So, let's make them toys.

I love to sew, but I love to crochet too. And sometimes I need a switch from sewing.

I used the simply patterns from Lilleliis. The toys are adorable and I made them in a couple of hours. 

The Teddy Bear is made of some sparkling yarn.

I want to try to make them according to the pattern, using the same type of yarn that they recommend. But later. Now I want to give a chance to this unused yard.

Next project is a frog. And with pink... I will make a cute pig.

Do you have some scratches? What do you make with them?


Friday, July 21, 2017

Crop top free crochet pattern

Easy peasy free crochet pattern for crocheting a crop top for your daughter (mine is 11 years old).

-size 4 crochet hook
-1 skein purple sparkle Alize yarn used in double thread
- some grey sparkle yarn

Stitches and abbreviations:
-st - stitch
-db - double stitch
-sc - single crochet
-ch - chain

Beginning from the top with purple yarn - 30 stitches.
r1 - db in the third st from the hook, ch 2, turn - (28 stitches) - always count the chain 2 as a double stitch
r2 - 1 db in the same as the ch 2, db in each stitch, 2 db in the last st, ch 2, turn (30 stitches)
r3 - 2 db in the same as the ch 2 (count these as 3 stitches), db in each st, 3 db in the last st, ch 2, turn (34 stitches)
From now on you will crochet 2 rows increasing at the beginning and the ending with 2 stitches and each 3rd row you will increase with 3 stitches at both parts (do not forget to count the chain 2 as a db stitch). 
r 4 - 36 stitches
r5 - 38 stitches
r6 - 42 stitches and so on.
Crochet the top as long as you want. I made 24 rows, and I had 90 stitches. Finish off.

The edge - with grey yarn. Insert the grey yarn at the bottom, in a corner. Ch 2, sc crochet in the second stitch from the work, ch 2, sc in the second stitch and so on. Go round. For the thread to tie on, insert the gray yarn in the top and the bottom corners and make a chain as long as you want. 

The length - the bottom 62 cm (24,40 inches).

The top - 21 cm (8,26 inches).

From the top to the bottom - 27 cm (10,62 inches)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Birds and Cherries garland - tutorial

Let's make a summer inspired birds and cherries mobile. Bright and cheerful, this wall hanging could be a great decor in a girl room, in a nursery room, at a summer party or baby shower party. Mix the birds with cherries and green leaves, add some beads. 

Materials you need: colorful felt - red, yellow, orange, green, needle and thread, a pair of scissors, anti bacterial poly filling, cords, beads.

Design your own pattern for birds, cherries and leaves. keep it simple. I made eyes and wing on the both parts of the birds. Sew the eyes and the wings.

I made three row. For two of them I started with leaves and I place and hide the cord inside, sewing around. For the other one, I started with a bird and I put two birds on it. 

Sew the two parts of the first bird and don't forget to place the cord inside. Make a knot at the end of the cord and place inside of bird, then sew around the birds.

Sew the cherries and leaves. Place a bead. 

You can mix and match the colors. You can make blue birds or other fruits too. hang them on the ceiling, on a baby crib, on the wall, or on the door, or even in your garden.

If you want to buy an already made birds and cherries mobile, here it is in My Etsy Shop
If you have any questions, leave a message. 

Happy sewing. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rain Drops Nursery Mobile - tutorial

You can do it. You can make it even if you are a beginner. Sewing together colorful pieces of felt is easier then you think. You can make a rain drops nursery mobile in the couple of hours.

Materials you need: assorted colorful felt - white, blue, purple, aqua, needle and white thread, a pair of scissors, anti bacterial poly filling, assorted cords / wax thread. 
Each row has 5 drops that stay on a cord. Each cord has a loop at the high top for hanging. 

You can hanging it on the ceiling or on the wall, on a baby crib, or on a door, in the trees in your garden, at the entrance.

Cut the rain drop. Find a size that you like. Make 2 big drops for sewing together and other 2 small ones for sewing on the front of one of the big drop.

Arrange them on the table, make a pattern or just put them together in nice rows. 

Make a knot at the end of your cord. Sew together the rain drop, then place the cord inside and sew around. This will the the low end.

For the other rain drop, sew together the pieces.

Place the cord inside.

Sew together the both parts of the drop, fixing the cord inside.

Before finishing, stuff it lightly.

For the top of the thread, make a loop, cut the end and place the knot inside of the drop. Sew along.

Be careful to leave a small distance between drops. You can add some assorted beads too and you can make as long as you want, adding more rain drops. 

You can buy this rain drops garland for your nursery in My Etsy Shop.

Happy sewing. 

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