Monday, March 31, 2014

Crochet Ladybugs - free pattern

Let's do the spring. Crochet mini ladybugs. It's an easy pattern and you can use them as brooch, as clip hair, as applique for a T-shirt or some jeans. You can sell the finished products, but please mention my blog and the name Ema's Decorations.

st - stitch
sl st - slip stitch
sg - single crochet
ch - chain
dec - decrease

Materials: you can use any type a hook and a proper yarn. Black and red yarn, black small beads, needle and thread to sew the beads.

The body - with red yarn:

r1 - ch 6, sl st to make a ring, ch 1
r2 - 2 sg in each st - you have 12 stitches, sl st in the first st, ch 1
r3 - 2sg in the next st, 1 sg and so on until the end - you have 18 stitches, sl st in the first st using black yarn.

The head - with black yarn

r4 - 1sg in the first st, 4 sg in next 4 st - you have 5 stitches with black yarn, ch 1, turn
r5 - dec 2 times, ch 1, turn
r6 - dec, fasten off and leave a long tail to make the antennas

The antennas - with black yarn
Using the long tail, sl st in the next st, making or leaving a long loop; cut the loop in the middle and make short antennas.
Sew some black beads on the body.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Crochet snail - free pattern

This is my pattern for a mini crochet snail. You can use any type of yarn or hook. I used the yarn with 2 threads.

The shell (with yellow)
r1 - ch 6, sl st to make a ring, ch 1
r2 - 2 sg in each st - you have 12 st, sl st into the firs, ch 1(cont it as the first st for the next row)
r3 - *2sg in the first st,1 sg*, repeat from **, you have 18 st, sl st with green color into the first.

The body and the head (with green):
r4 - ch 4, 1sg into the second st from the hook, 1sg into the next 2st, sl st into the base of the chain, sl st into the next 4 yellow st from the shell, ch 4, (1sg , 1sg, ch 1, 1sg, ch 1, sl st ) into the second st from the hook, 1sg into the next 2 st, sl st into the base. Fasten off and leave a long tail.

The tentacles:
To make tentacles, pull the tail until the head, fasten off and make 2 knots at the ends - these will be the eyes. You can add some beads to make eyes.

Your snail is done.

This is a red snail with some beads on the shell.

And a blue one with green beads on the shell.

I want to use my snails on a T-shirt. Or on a canvas bag. If you have another ideas, leave a message. I'm so glad if you give me a feedback.


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