Friday, November 30, 2018

Butterfly quiet book

I like to make things with multiple uses. My quiet books are educational toys. Because I am a teacher, I try to make everything to follow a teaching purpose. This is a butterfly shaped quiet book. It can be used at home or at school for many activities. 

quiet book

Activities with my butterfly quiet book 

  1. Count from 1 to 10, move up and down the beads. It is important for kids to move the objects. 
  2. Talk about butterfly life cycle. Under the leaves, you will find out the eggs. 
  3. Talk about inside and outside, hiding the butterfly inside its cocoon. The butterfly is a finger puppet. 
  4. Invent some stories about the butterfly. 
  5. Count the eggs, the leaves, the caterpillar circles. 
  6. Move the caterpillar circles while counting them. 
quiet book
Butterfly quiet book 

7. Weave the cocoons. 

quiet book

quiet book

8. This is the front cover. It has sequin fabric on the wings and you can feel it with your fingers.

quiet book

9. Match the colors and the wings. Sort them, count them.

quiet book

10. This is the back cover of the book. Move up and down the butterflies. Invent a story. 

quiet book

You can find my book in My Shop. Or you can order one with your design. 

quiet book
Butterfly quiet book
If you want a book like this, visit my Etsy Shop. 


Friday, November 23, 2018

Pig Toy, Pigglet Soft Toy

Pigs toys. I made them because they are cute, and the fabric inspired me to make them. In a bunch like this, they make me smile every time I see them.

So, I made 2 kinds of pigs. First with fleece, pink fleece. I sew a red fleece heart on their belly. Lovely pigs I think. Perfect for Valentine's Day too. 

And I made other 2 with fabric: pink and light grey fabric and roses fabric. Romantic pigs. They also have a heart pocket on the belly. You can put a note in there. And they have some cute tails too. 

Pigs for New Year, pigs as toys or as decoration for your couch, or pigs for Valentine's Day, they are cute. Make you smile. 

If you want one, please visit My Store


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fabric Christmas Tree Ornament - How to make it

How to make a simply Christmas tree ornament from fabric. This is an easy tutorial and the pattern is versatile. You can adjust it at the size you want. If you use Christmas theme fabric, with red, green and white colors or with Christmas pattern, with stars, tree, elves, or presents or something else, your ornaments will be perfect for your Christmas tree or Christmas decorations.

Materials: fabric, brown felt for the trunk, ribbon for hanging (I used green thread and I crocheted a chain), poly filling, sewing machine, thread and needle, scissors. 

For the ribbon for hanging I crocheted a 30 cm chain from green thread because the ribbon that I had was too thick. 

Draw a pattern, a triangle, an isosceles triangle with the two sides of equal length of 17 cm and the base of 13 cm. But, like I said, the pattern is versatile, you can make a bigger or a smaller pattern. Cut the fabric - 2 parts for every tree. Cut a small rectangle for the trunk from the brown felt ( 2,5 x 5 cm°). 


Place the fabric face by face. Place the ribbon on the top. The ribbon must go inside, and the end has to remain outside. Same for the trunk: place the trunk on the bottom, in the middle, but a small part will remain outside the fabric. 

Sew along the triangle. Start at the bottom, at the trunk, go around. Be careful on the top. When you are again at the bottom, sew the corner, but leave a small opening. Trim just a bit the corners. Turn your tree, stuff with poly filling. Sew the bottom. 

Fill in and sew the bottom with an invisible stitch. 

If you want to make the tree from scraps, from small pieces of fabric, first sew the pieces all together. 

Then place your pattern, pin it to the fabric and cut the shape.

Then follow the steps above for making a new tree.

Happy sewing! 


Friday, November 9, 2018

A shy guy, a platypus or just a custom toy from drawing

Look at this shy guy! Isn't it lovely? I don't know what animal is. I made this toy after a kid's drawing. Sometimes I think it seems like a platypus, but I am not sure. :)

It is hard to catch exactly the feeling, the smile, the attitude from a picture. But I did it and I like it how it turned out.

It can be a great gift for a child. I think it will be a nice surprise for him or for her to see the toy. 


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Freebie - A Christmas elf with every order

I like to sew little elves. They are perfect for Christmas. And I have decided to offer a free elf with every order in my shop. It is tiny, it has 24 cm (9,44 inches). You can put it on a table, under your Christmas tree or offer it as a present. Because a present can become a new present.
So, please visit My Etsy Shop, choose what you like and you will receive a little elf for free.

I will try to ship your order quickly. It is beginning of November, it is still time.

Thank you,

Dog portrait - a toy from a drawing

A new custom toy made after a kid's drawing. this was a hard one, with lots of details, lots of colors, tiny stripes. I count 37 pieces. Or maybe are more? But it was fun. it is always a challenge for me to respect the details.

This custom toy is a dog with wheels. Maybe it has a story for sure. I love it because it has so many colors, it is a happy toy, cheerful and bright.

The back is simple. Sometimes I sew a name of the back if a customer wants this.

If you want a special personalized toy for you, visit My Etsy Shop.


Christmas gift for pets

Do you have a little one? A dog or a cat? Or another pet? Then you know that Christmas is coming for your darling too. I have in my shop a Christmas ornament for pet. It is a felt heart with name and a paw or a bone. And now I made other sweet red hearts just with pas and names on the back.

If you want to make some ornaments, use felt because it is to sew. Attach a ribbon and fill it with poly fiber. It can be any shape you want: a heart, a globe, a bone, even a little cone to fill in with treats. 

Think at your little pet this Christmas. Make a special treat for it, an ornament with its name. 


Penguin Toy

A new penguin toy in my collection. Soft and fluffy, I made him from two different fleece. My daughter said that fleece from his belly is a...