Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yellow Flowers Hair Clips and Ring Set

My 5 years daughter likes to be a fairy or a princess. She has a maaaagic wand and walks through the house to make MAGIC! She likes to wear rings and flowers like princesses do. But you already know that if you have a little girl.
Your daughter will be adorable with this hair clips and this cute ring. I already know that because my 5 years daughter is very happy to wear them. She wants to be a princess or a fairy. The yellow flowers clips are so awsome in the little girls hair ! And the ring is just perfect for their little finger.
All items are made from felt and beads. You can attach the flowers to your own clips. I think this is a convenient way, because you can change the clips or barrette, or you can use them as brooch or as an accessory on the clothes.

And you can use this set as party favour for your girl's party. Imagine all the little girls wearing yellow flowers and this little ring to be like fairies !

Size: Flowers clips almost 2 inches; the ring - 0.7 inches  

I love this ring. It is sooo cute then I want to wear it too !   

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