Friday, May 4, 2012

Sew and Crochet Skirt - a tutorial

My 6 years daughter is growing rapidly and all her clothes become smaller everyday. I researched on the Internet and I found that I can transform a dress or a tee-shirt into a new dress, skirt or a blouse. And this is one of a kind project: to transform a dress into a skirt.

 Follow me and my pictures to find out how. I decided to cut the front part of the dress and to make a crochet waistband.

I crocheted the waistband. This is the pattern: 
-115 stitches
-R1 - half double crochet in each stitch
-R2 and R 3 - chain 2, front post half double crochet, back post half double crochet 
-R 4 and R 5 - chain 1, front loop crochet only - in this way I made a line that can bend to hide the edge of the skirt and help me to sew it. 

I fixed the edge of the skirt with pins between the crocheted waistband.

Then I sewed the edges on the back and ...

... on the front.

I cut the cord of the dress and I sewed together the edges. 

With a safety pin I insert the cord through the waistband. 

This is the skirt. It's ready.

This is the back of the skirt.

If you have any questions, leave a message.
If you like my project, share it. :) Maybe another mom needs to make something like this.

This is the entire tutorial. Enjoy it. :) 

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