Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to make a Pinata

A pinata is a very known and cheerful toy for a party. Kids love it. I don't really know why. Maybe because it's colorful, or maybe because they have to break it, or maybe because it's fill up with candies. Or maybe all !
So, I had to make one for my 6 years old daughter. I researched on the Internet and I found many tutorials. I liked very much a video: How to make a pinata.
Here are my pictures. Maybe they will inspire you. It's really easy to make it, but you need time (3-4 days) to let it dry well.

First, blow a balloon. Make a mix with 1 cup of all purpose flour and 2 cups of water. Tear some newspaper strips. Put the balloon on a bowl to stay without moving while you add paper layers. Add the first paper layer: put the paper strips in your flour mix, wet it well, and put on the balloon. Be careful to cover all the spaces and your strips to cover each others. Let dry one day.

The next day you'll notice that your pinata is soooo strong ! Add another paper layer.

In the third day, add another paper layer. Let it dry one more day.

In the fourth day, deflate the balloon and take it off.

Decorate the pinata with colored paper.

Here is a video about how to add colored paper layers. I made it with another pinata, not this green one, but the technique is the same.

This is another video about how to add more layers on the top.

After you finish to add colored paper, you can decorate your pinata with punched shapes. I choose flowers and butterflies.

Here is my video about how to decorate it.

Hang on the ceiling and .... break it.

After you break it at the party, you can use it as a hat too. Funny!

Try to make one for your kids party or just for fun. If you have questions, leave a comment. Have fun!

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