Saturday, June 13, 2015

Quiet Book with Numbers

I love to make quiet books. It's a challenge. This one is a custom order for  a client who wants a book with numbers from 1 to 10. I worked 30 hours to made it.

In my vision, it's not a simple quiet book. You can make different activities to teach your kids to count, to sing, to tell short stories. 
Page 1 - You can talk about night and day, about nocturnal animals and sing Twinkle, Twinkle... Place the star inside the cloud pocket and talk about inside and outside. 

 Page 2 - Talk about ducklings, their environment, sing Five little ducks ... for Two Little Ducks ... went swimming one day / Over the hill and far away ... Count the objects from the page: 2 butterflies, 2 leaves, 2 circles for sun.
Page 3 - Sing Three little snowmen, talk about winter time, count the clouds. Invent a short story about the snowmen.

Page 4 - Talk about fall, apples and healthy food. invent a short song. Play inside and outside game moving the apples in the pocket.
Page 5 - Five little fish - Play I spy for choosing the colors.

Page 6 - Pizza time! You can move the slices, put them together one by one, count them.
Page 7 - Match the colors using the balloons. Talk about down and high and about rainbow colors.

Page 8 - Eight singing birds sitting on 2 branches. Count the birds and the leaves.
Page 9 - In the rabbit garden - Talk about rabbits, their food, and play with the carrots, moving them in the holes. Invent a short story and count the carrots.

Page 10 - Count the dots on the ladybug and teach your kids about a zipper. You can keep the numbers in this pocket. 

I decide to attach a ribbon to every small piece, but not to the numbers. You decide to use the numbers. Unbind the pages to play with them separately.  This book is not suitable for kids under 3. Supervise your kids while playing with it. 


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