Thursday, July 28, 2016

Personalized Monogram Cross Stitch Ornament

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But if you want to make them, this is a very easy tutorial about how to make an ornament with a stitch monogram. Even if you already know the cross stitch stitches or you choose just to sew with simple line stitches, a monogram ornament can be a great gift for somebody. You can attach it at a present box or to make a package for Xmas time.

Materials you need: felt, aida, white fabric, thread and needle, scissors, ribbon, polyester filling, pins.
Sew a cross stitch monogram on aida. Cut around it but be careful to leave an edge ( 1 or 1,5 cm)  to can sew it. Cut heart shaped ornament - 2 felt pieces and one fabric. Make a square in the middle of the front felt heart. Be careful the window you make to fit to your monogram, not to cover it, not to be bigger. 

Fix with pins the aida between the white fabric and felt. 

Sew the interior of the square. Cut and trim the surplus aida or fabric. 

Sew the edges of the felt heart. Don't forget to place the ribbon and to sew it. Before to close it, fill with polyester.

You are done. Your ornament is finished. You can use them for Christmas time or for other occasions. 
You can sew not only letters, but a Christmas symbol,  a sign, a flower or a bird. Depends on your imagination. 

Happy sew.

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