Sunday, June 4, 2017

How to make felt fish for counting

Help your kids to count and to recognize the colors with some colorful fish. You can make a quiet book page with them or a felt board and you can put as many as you want. This will be a fun way to learn something. The kids learn easily if they can touch the object and move them, if they can feel the textures and play with something real. 

You need: colorful felt for fish (the colors you want), ribbon, Velcro, a light blue felt - size A5, green felt for the weeds and dark blue felt for the wave, black thread for eyes, assorted thread for the other items, stuffing.

How to make: Download and print the pattern Fish pattern JPG format or Fish pattern PDF format. I put here the jpg and the PDF format too because you can not modify the PDF format, but you can enlarge the jpg format.

Cut the fish - 2 pieces for every fish. I make 5 fish with blue, yellow, orange, purple and pink, but if you want what color you want. Sew a little piece of Velcro on the back. 

Using a black thread, sew an eye - make a french knot for the eye.

Prepare the ribbon - make 2 knots at the ends, burn it a little to prevent unweaving. The ribbon could be 15 cm.

Sew the both parts of the fish using blanket stitch.

Stuff lightly.

Place one end of the ribbon inside the fish and sew the fish and the ribbon together. 

Do the same for the others.

The weeds - Cut some green felt for them - free form.

Sew them on the blue felt board.

Sew the ends of the ribbon on the felt board, together as a bouquet.

Place the wave (could be a stone if you want ) to hide the ends and sew it going around.

Your felt board is done. With five fish or more.

For a neat aspect, sew the felt board all around, using blanket stitches.

This felt board is a page from my 10 pages quiet book and you can see and buy it in My Etsy Shop


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