Friday, September 22, 2017

Crochet kitty - free pattern

Here it is an easy free pattern for a crochet kitty.
I created this pattern after a kid's drawing.

Materials: acrylic yarn Charly Phildar, 50g (grey or white), red and yellow for the bowl, 2.5 crochet hook, 4,5 mm safety eyes, anti bacterial poly filling, pink and black thread, tapestry needle
Level - Intermediate
Stitches and abreviations- single crochet (sg), chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), increase (inc), decrease (dec), magic circle, stitch (st)
Size for the finished kitty - 10 cm (almost 4 inches)

The head and the body - Work continuously without turn the work.
r1 - magic circle, 6 sg into it
r2 - 2sg into each st -12st
r3 - 1 sg crochet, 2sg into the next, repeat until the end -18st
r4 - 2 sg crochet, increas into the next, repeat- 24st
r5 - 3sg, increase into the next, repeat- 30st
r6 - 4sg, increase into the next, repeat- 36 st
r7 - 5st, increase into the next, repeat- 42st
Now secure on the back the tail from the beginning, from the magic circle.

Place the safety eyes between the rounds 3 and 4. Sew the nose and the whiskers.

r 8 - 24 - sg in every stitch
r 25 - 5sg, decrease, repeat until the end - 36 st
r26 - 4sg, decrease, repeat - 30st. Stuff the toy.
r27 - 3sg, decrease, repeat - 24st
r28 - 2sg, decrease, repeat - 18st
r29 - 1sg, decrease, repeat - 12st
r30 - decrease - 6st. Fasten off. Leave a long tail to sew the hole.

The ears - make two
r1 - magic circle, 4 sg into the circle
r2 - 1sg, increase, repeat - 6st
r3 - 1sg in every stitch - 6st
r4 - 1sg, increase, repeat - 8st
r5 - 2sg, increase, repeat - 12st
r6 - 1 sg in every stitch - 12st
r7 - 3sg, increase, repeat - 15st. Fasten off leaving a long tail.

The legs - make four
r1- magic circle, 6sg into the circle
r2 - 2sg in every stitch - 12st
r3 - r7 - sg in every stitch. Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing. Stuffed the legs

The tail - I-cord
r1 - chain 3
r2 - make a loop into the second st from the chain, make a loop in the third st. Now you have 3 loops on the hook
r3 - drop off from the third and the second. Keep them with your fingers from the left hand.The first st will remain on the hook. Sg into this st. Insert the hook into the second st, sg crochet here. Insert the hook into the third. Sg crochet here.
Repeat and make  an I-cord as long as you want.For finishing, pull the yarn through all the 3 stitches. Leave a long tail for sewing.
Sew the ears, the legs and the tails.

The bowl - with red and yellow
With red - r1 - magic circle, 6sg into the circle
r2 - 2sg in each st - 12st
r3 - 1sg, increase, repeat until the end - 18st
r4 - 2st, increase, repeat - 24st
r5 - 3st, increase, repeat - 30st
r6 - 4st, increase, repeat - 36st
r7 - 5st, increase, repeat - 42st
r8 - work in front loop only - sg crochet in every stitch - 42st
r9 - r10  - sg in every stitch
r11 - With yellow - Turn the work, and make sg in every stitches until the end. Fasten off. Hide the tails.


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