Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crochet Vest - pattern - for 5-6 years girl

I started to crochet this vest to be assorted with my previous blue skirt. I made them for my 6 years daughter. She is very proud with her new skirt and vest and everybody admires her. 
The pattern for the skirt is HERE

For the vest: 
- I worked the back and 2 fronts separately. 
-The right and left front - 30 stitches
-The back - 50 stitches.
-I used only double crochet stitch.
-I worked 3 rows with blue and 1 with yellow. 

Shaping the neck

In the front - decrease 2 stitches for every 2 rows, until you have 8 stitches for left and other 8 stitches for right shoulders.
In the back - work 20 stitches with double crochet, then slip stitch in next 10 stitch, then other 20 stitches with double crochet. In the middle, decrease 2 stitches for every row, until you have 8 stitches remain for the left and right shoulder.

For the underarms - I didn't work 7 stitches in the left part and other 7 stitches in the right part.

After I finished and I sewed together the back and front, I worked continuously, round, with double crochet on the edges.

If you want, you can attach a flower.

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