Sunday, December 22, 2013

Handmade Christmas Ornaments from Sparkly Yarn

This year I have decided with my 7 years daughter to make handmade Christmas ornaments. From yarn. From sparkly yarn. I have used Ayda Isil Kristal - a yarn with silver insertion, a pair of scissors and some small bells. I have made pompoms, bells, and candies.

 To make pompoms:

Put the thread in your palm and just wrap it around your hand.

When it's fuller, cut it.

Slide the yarn from your hand.

Tie a piece of yarn around the center and make a knot.

Cut through the loops on both sides.

Give it a trim for a nice looking pompoms.

It's done.

To make a bell:

Put in your pal, along your fingers, a piece of yarn.

Then cross over it the yarn and wrap around your hand, like for pompoms.

Slide the yarn from your hand, ...

... and tie the piece of yarn on the bottom of the bell. Leave a long tail.

Then take another piece of yarn and tie it 1/3 from the top.

Cut through the loops.

This is the bell. Or a tassel.

I tie a tiny bell in the middle of the tassel.

Done. Easy.

To make a candy: make like for tassel and tie 2 other pieces of yarn on 1/3 from the top and the bottom.

Cut through the loops on the both parts.

This is your candy Christmas Ornament.

Place them in your Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas to you.


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