Sunday, October 23, 2016

How to make curly felt hair for a doll

It was a challenge for me to make curly felt hair for a doll. Not easy, but I found a way. I searched on the Internet and all the pictures and the tutorial I found were not  for my project. So, I made my own curly felt hair. Here it is an easy tutorial with pictures. Maybe it will be useful for you too. 

You will need: a ruler, needle and brown thread, brown felt, a pencil or a no 6 hook. 
Cut one very long brown felt stripe or cut two stripes if you need long hair. 

Make a know and sew the corner of the stripe. 

Wrap the stripe around the hook just 2 times.

Sew the both stripes together ...

and make a knot on the second one to secure the thread and to prevent to unfold the stripe. 

Wrap more ... 

... and sew the stripes two by two, making on every line a knot. 

You will have something like in the picture. 

Take out the hook and you have curly hair. 

Let the stripe to twist itself. Sew it on the doll.


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