Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Learn to sew - Kids Sewing Machine

If you have a 10 years daughter, you know that all her dolls need clothes. Many clothes! My 10 years daughter made some experiments trying to create or to sew by hand some tiny clothes for her dolls. It is hard to sew by hand when you are a little one and your hands are not used to a needle. 

Today we sewed by sewing machine. She wanted to make some pants and T-shirts. We use an old pair of black leggings. She searched on the Internet how to make the pants and she came to me with her tablet to show me. Cute. 

We followed the steps and we trace the lines, cut the shapes and then she wanted to try to sew them by sewing machine. I admit, I have to stop my fears and to let her to try. It was so easy. 

Spending time with kids and teaching them simple abilities is important. I like to create memories. 

The dolls are pretty now.

Ema and Eliza

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