Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kid's Drawing Turned Into a Plush Toy

Searching for a great gift for your kids? Grab a needle, some colorful felt and a pair of scissors, then ask your little ones to draw their favorite toy or their favorite character. The big surprise is that you can make some cute toys from their drawings.
Materials you need: colorful felt, polyester for filling, a pair of scissors, assorted threads, a needle.

There is no pattern to provide. The drawing is the pattern. Enlarge the picture. Draw the contour of the character. Match the colors. 

Your toy will be the best if you can use the same colors as in your kid's picture and respect the details. For kids, details are very important. Cut the pattern. 

Pin each piece of paper on colorful felt. Don't forget to keep the colors. Cut the pieces. When you cut the pieces, be careful to cut not exactly on the edge of your pattern, but leaving a 3mm edge to helps you to sew the pieces. 

Put the pieces together to see they are perfect. Keep in mind that some pieces will go inside others: the neck inside the head and the body, the hands inside the body, the pants inside the body and so on. 

 Start sewing the details: the face, the eyes, the mouth. Use assorted colors or contrasting ones, according to your picture.

Sew the parts together. You're done. You have a beautiful plush toy made after your children's drawing. And your little one will be very, very happy. 

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