Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Made by Kids Custom Doll

Here it is the story of another custom doll. 


The kid's picture was one made with chalkboard on the ground. For this reason it was challenge to choose the right colors. I have to change the picture to obtain a clear one. 

Do you pay attention at details when you make a personalized item? I do. Yes, it is important. Every detail in the kid's picture must be in the right place.

This time it was difficult to make the face. I chosen to make the eyes with felt and to sew with black thread the eyes lashes. I wanted to sew the mouth too, but it looked strange. So I make the mouth from felt too.  

When I make a toy after a picture, I try to keep the proportion. It is very important too. This doll has 24 cm. The hands looks a little big weird because they are so big, but these are the proportion. 
The mother who order this cute doll asked me to sew on the back a name and a date. Maybe it is the kid's name, I didn't ask. Maybe she wants to keep this doll as a memory, because the kids use to draw so beautiful at some ages, and their pictures look so cute, that you want to keep them forever. 

If you want a personalized doll for your kid or just for you, as a birthday gift for a child or for a grandmother too, order one in My Etsy Shop  Send me the picture and I will try to make an unique toy. 


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