Sunday, January 29, 2017

Activity felt board - a huge board for kindergarten

This was a challenge. A kindergarten asked me to make a huge board to hang on the wall. I made a huge one 2 x 1,9 meters.

It was a pleasure for me to make it and a challenge too. It is not so difficult to sew a huge board. it is difficult to find the perfect activities to put on it. 

I sewed by hand every tiny piece. 

And some stuffed animals and birds.

A sheep with pom pom for touching and feeling the texture.

A clock with movable arms.

The tree has birds and snaps. Count from 1 to ten, snap the birds, make pairs by color.

Play tic tac toe with circles.

Weave the horse tail and hair.

Make a pizza and talk about fractions. Place the pizza parts inside the basket.

Count from 1 to 10 and arrange the numbers.

Farm animals. Sing Old McDonald. Hide the duck, the pig and the cow in the bushes.

Apple tree with 10 red apples. Use hook and eyes to hang on them.

Long, long caterpillar with ABC's. Each circle has a letter and Velcro on the back.

Talk about the weather and the seasons. Pull the sun rays, move the rain drops.

How is the weather? Is it warm or cold? Hot or chilly?

Match the colors with the flowers and the buttons, practice how to close the buttons. 

This is my huge activity felt board. Sew by hand, carefully and with attention for details. if you want one, please visit My Etshy Shop - Giant Montessori Wall Board


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  1. As you show the full instruction from start till end that makes it easier for us to try all these decorative items at home. Keep instructing more.


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