Monday, July 10, 2017

Birds and Cherries garland - tutorial

Let's make a summer inspired birds and cherries mobile. Bright and cheerful, this wall hanging could be a great decor in a girl room, in a nursery room, at a summer party or baby shower party. Mix the birds with cherries and green leaves, add some beads. 

Materials you need: colorful felt - red, yellow, orange, green, needle and thread, a pair of scissors, anti bacterial poly filling, cords, beads.

Design your own pattern for birds, cherries and leaves. keep it simple. I made eyes and wing on the both parts of the birds. Sew the eyes and the wings.

I made three row. For two of them I started with leaves and I place and hide the cord inside, sewing around. For the other one, I started with a bird and I put two birds on it. 

Sew the two parts of the first bird and don't forget to place the cord inside. Make a knot at the end of the cord and place inside of bird, then sew around the birds.

Sew the cherries and leaves. Place a bead. 

You can mix and match the colors. You can make blue birds or other fruits too. hang them on the ceiling, on a baby crib, on the wall, or on the door, or even in your garden.

If you want to buy an already made birds and cherries mobile, here it is in My Etsy Shop
If you have any questions, leave a message. 

Happy sewing. 

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