Friday, July 21, 2017

Crop top free crochet pattern

Easy peasy free crochet pattern for crocheting a crop top for your daughter (mine is 11 years old).

-size 4 crochet hook
-1 skein purple sparkle Alize yarn used in double thread
- some grey sparkle yarn

Stitches and abbreviations:
-st - stitch
-db - double stitch
-sc - single crochet
-ch - chain

Beginning from the top with purple yarn - 30 stitches.
r1 - db in the third st from the hook, ch 2, turn - (28 stitches) - always count the chain 2 as a double stitch
r2 - 1 db in the same as the ch 2, db in each stitch, 2 db in the last st, ch 2, turn (30 stitches)
r3 - 2 db in the same as the ch 2 (count these as 3 stitches), db in each st, 3 db in the last st, ch 2, turn (34 stitches)
From now on you will crochet 2 rows increasing at the beginning and the ending with 2 stitches and each 3rd row you will increase with 3 stitches at both parts (do not forget to count the chain 2 as a db stitch). 
r 4 - 36 stitches
r5 - 38 stitches
r6 - 42 stitches and so on.
Crochet the top as long as you want. I made 24 rows, and I had 90 stitches. Finish off.

The edge - with grey yarn. Insert the grey yarn at the bottom, in a corner. Ch 2, sc crochet in the second stitch from the work, ch 2, sc in the second stitch and so on. Go round. For the thread to tie on, insert the gray yarn in the top and the bottom corners and make a chain as long as you want. 

The length - the bottom 62 cm (24,40 inches).

The top - 21 cm (8,26 inches).

From the top to the bottom - 27 cm (10,62 inches)

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