Thursday, October 4, 2018

Halloween witch house ornaments

Ready for Halloween? Look at my felt houses. Black houses with colored windows.

I made them without a pattern. Just cut, cut, cut and sew, sew, sew. Fun! 

I put them a ribbon for hanging. It is easy to sew them. Make some felt houses, different colored or black or purple. For Halloween or for other occasion. 

You can buy a set of 6 felt houses in my Etsy Shop - Halloween Houses. 


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Spiderman Round Pillow

Make quickly a round pillow for your little Spiderman. This is an easy sewing tutorial for sewing by hand a fleece pillow.

Materials: fleece double side red and black, thread, black embroidery thread, white felt, filling, white paper and a pencil, a round object with a 28 cm diameter .

I like to use double faces fleece because it is easy to sew and it fits to many projects. In this case, red and black fleece.
I have traced 2 circles on the fleece and I have cut them. I have drawn the eyes, 2 big black shapes like a tear drop and 2 white.

I have placed the eyes on the pillow and fixed them with pins. Then, with a pencil, I have traced the spider web lines. 

I have used black embroidery thread to sew the lines with simple stitches.

I have sew the white eyes, then the black ones on the pillow. 

I have put the both faces of the pillow face to face and I sewed at machine on the edges, leaving a small place to turn it. I turned it and I filled it with anti bacterial filling, then I sewed by hand the edges.

This is the Spiderman round pillow from fleece. Soft and cozy. For your kids.


Monday, October 1, 2018

Wall Clock for Kids - a felt board

How to make a wall clock for kids. This is a felt board, a clock with detachable numbers and movable arms.

Materials: 2 felt sheets (24 x 35 cm), colorful felt for details and numbers, assorted thread, a button, scissors, Velcro, a tiny bell, ribbon.
I sew this board only by hand. It is a project for intermediate level and it is an easy sewing tutorial.

I make the round for clock to fit in my page. I used yellow color for contrast. I cut the small pieces without a pattern: the bird and her wing, 2 circles for the sun, some round pieces for flowers, leaves, a brown branch, the caterpillar. I will post later the pattern for the hands and numbers.

For the numbers I used some traced pattern that I made in a Word sheet, printed and cut. 

I sew Velcro squares on the clock for numbers. For the numbers, first I sew the Velcro on the back, then I sew the both pieces for each number.

I sew the details: the sun, the bird, the flowers. For the bird, I attach a tiny bell in the beak. 

For the caterpillar I cut 5 green circles and I sew them. Then I make with black thread the eyes, the mouth and the antennas. For the flowers: I sew them only in the middle with yellow thread. 

The hands: they have different colors. I cut them and I make a button hole at the end. I sew the button on the clock. The hands are movable. 

Last step: I sew together the both sheets of felt with blanket stitches on the edges. But First I place the ribbon for hanging. 

This is the clock. Make one for your kids. Use your design, add your details. 
If you want to buy a wall clock for your children, please visit my Etsy Shop - Felt Wall Clock

Happy sewing!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Halloween felt board

I made a felt board for Halloween. I have wanted to make a Halloween theme board with lots of symbols and perfect for playing, for learning, and for decorating a room too. Bats, pumpkins, witch hats, ghost, a witch pot and a spider.

The board has 2 sides. On the first one you will find a pumpkin patch and 2 black bats. The pumpkins have numbers and Velcro on the back. You can count them from 1 to 10, count by 2, sort by size and shape, sing Five Little Pumpkins. Play with the bats too because they are detachable. The have snaps.

On the other part, you will find a Tic Tac Toe game with ghost and witch hats. They also have Velcro on the back. The spider is movable up and down on the spout. Of course, sing the song Itsy Bitsy Spider while moving the little spider. 

You can hang the board on the wall, because it has 2 ribbons for that. 

You can also invent a little story withe the bats. 

Another 2 little bats are on the other side, but they are purple and they are not detachable. They are just for decor, for touching, for identify the colors. Play I spy with all the elements: I spy something purple, something round and yellow, something brown and so on.

If you want another felt board, designed specially for you, leave a comment below. Or you can buy this felt board in My Etsy Store


Monday, August 20, 2018

A banner with 2 llamas

The llamas are the new trend. Everybody loves them because they have a soft wool. For a llama lover I made this name banner. Isabella is her name and her mother has wanted to have some pastel colors in the nursery.

The llama is easy to sew. It is like a deer, but the neck is longer. I chosen the white felt for these ones, but you can make them with brown or cafe.

The letters have almost 12cm and the banner is long enough - 90cm. It can be hang on the wall or on the door, in a nursery or a girl room. Or it can be a nice decoration for a birthday party, for a baby shower too.


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Owl book cover

My 11 years daughter asked me to make her a book cover. She likes the owls (you know, from Harry Potter) and I decided to sew an owl on the cover.

The kids from her school liked the owl cover book. And the English teacher was impressed. And my daughter was happy. Probably she read the book quickly.


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dragon custom toy

A red dragon toy. It is made after a kid's drawing. I have to admit that the kids make wonderful toys. They know exactly the proportions, the details, the colors.

The toy is made from felt and it has anti bacterial polyester inside. It has 24 cm.


Halloween witch house ornaments

Ready for Halloween? Look at my felt houses. Black houses with colored windows. I made them without a pattern. Just cut, cut, cu...