Sunday, August 12, 2012

5 little monkeys swinging in a tree

Five little monkeys swinging in a tree
Teasing Mr Alligator: "You can't catch me" .... 

This is a funny song and I love it. I designed this felt board thinking of this song. 
Activities you can play:
1. Sing the song and play with the monkeys2. Count the monkeys3. Invent a story about monkeys and alligators4. Talk about jungle, monkeys, monkeys' food5. Talk about the family6. Invent a silly song7. Make simple addition8. Play "I spy ..."

Hello Mr Alligator !

First you can use it as nursery decor, as picture in your kids room or classroom and then you can play with it. It is made from soft and colorful felt and the monkeys have polyester inside and Velcro on the back. 
You'll receive 5 detachable monkeys and a detachable alligator. It can be a travel felt board too and your kids can play safely and quietly in the train, in the car or plane. Take the board with you when you visit the doctor - your kids will be concerned to play. 
Size for the board: 11 x 8.26 inches (means 30 x 21 cm). 

The monkeys and the alligator have Velcro on the back.

Watch my video to see how to play with this felt board.

If you like my felt board, you can buy it in My Etsy Store
Leave a comment if you have any questions or some suggestions. I love to read your feedback.


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