Friday, August 10, 2012

Room Decor Banner with Monkeys

Every new banner is a challenge for me. I want to find the perfect colors combination. When the kid's name has only 4 letters is a little bit difficult to make a nice combination and to have something bright, funny, assorted. This is a banner for a boy named TOBY. His mom wanted to be colorful and to have 2 little monkeys. 

The monkeys will hide the place where you hand on the banner on the wall. The ribbon is sew on the back.

Every letter has a heart shaped bead. I couldn't find yet plane or car-shaped beads.

I mixed yellow, red, light and dark blue for this banner.

This is the way you can hand it on the wall.

It can be a great decoration for your nursery room. The colors are perfect for a baby boy or for a baby girl. But if you can choose other colors combination.You can use it at baby shower party or at birthday party.

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