Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crochet Blue Flower - Pattern

This is a pattern for a flower that I used to my blue crochet skirt.

Here is the pattern.

Chain 6 stitches.

Yarn over hook 3 times (make a treble stitch)

Insert hook in the 5th stitch from the chain and pull yarn through first 2 st, then through next 2, then next 2 and so on. This is treble stitch.

This is the treble.

Chain 5 stitches.

Insert hook in the same 5th stitch from the first chain and make a slip stitch. This is the first petal. 

Repeat for the next 4 petals: chain 6, treble, chain 5, sl st.

This is the flower.

To make a yellow middle, insert hook at the base and make slip stitches with yellow yarn.

Finish. Fasten off. You can use this flower for hair band, for skirt and sweaters.

I used it on my blue crochet skirt. If you want t try to crochet one, use my pattern and send ma a picture with your creation to post here. Crochet Blue Skirt Pattern

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