Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tutu Skirt - How to make

One day I needed a tutu skirt for my daughter. It was for Halloween and we decided to make her a pumpkin. A very nice lady from a craft store taught me how to make a tutu skirt by myself. Then, I searched on the Internet and I found many tutorials about how to make a no sew tutu skirt. It's very easy.

You need elastic, 1 yard or 2 yards tulle and some ribbons. Fit the elastic to your daughter waist. After you finish to make loops with the tulle, you have to sew together the ends of the elastic and to hide this part under the tulle.

You have to cut some 3 inches strips.

I cut more than in this picture. Maybe 20 pieces. It depends on how fluffy you want to make the tutu.

Unfolded them and fold them again in two.

You can tie the elastic between 2 chairs.

Put the strip on the elastic and make a loop.

Tie the strip on the elastic.

When you finish with all the strips, you can attach some green and orange ribbons through them.

It's the same: you make some loops with the ribbons.

Tie them.

For the orange ribbon, I fold it around the elastic.

I make two loops at the ends and ...

I make a bow in front of the skirt.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me an email. And if you make a more beautiful tutu than mine, send me a picture to post here.

This is my pumpkin.

I made two pompoms for her pony tails. It's a real pumpkin flowers, isn't she?

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