Friday, April 21, 2017

How to make a ladybug pocket from felt

Here it is my tutorial for making a felt ladybug pocket. You can use it for a quiet book, for a felt board or just as a toy. The kids can practice using the zipper, can count the dots and can hide something in the pocket. Make a silly story about a ladybug, read the Grouchy ladybug by Eric Carle, invent a song, talk about the life cycle of a ladybug, about their food and their habits. 

What you need: green, black and red felt, a zipper, black and red thread, a pair of scissors. The green felt is for sewing the ladybug on it.

How to make it:
The body of the ladybug - Cut a circle as big as you want and according to your zipper. My circle is 15 cm in diameter.

Fold the circle to see the half.

Cut on the middle but not the entire circle. Leave 0.5 - 1 cm on the top and on the bottom too.

Pin the zipper.

This is the back.

If the zipper is too long, cut the bottom and secure it by sewing.

Sew the zipper and the edges.

Sew some small black circles on the body.

The head - cut a circle - 6 cm. Sew some white eyes with 2 black dots.

Place the head under the body. Sew the head.

After you sew the head, sew 2 antennas - make a long line and a french knot on the top.

If you want, you can sew a smiley mouth.

Sew the body using red thread.

The ladybug is done. What do you want to keep inside?


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